Art Hotel Italy – Prato

Art Hotel Italy is an expression of the strength of an important group that has been operating in the four-star hotel and tourism sector for over 25 years. In the heart of Tuscany, in an area that is traditionally linked to art, the Art Hotel Group Italy has a significant presence in Prato and Florence. Group operations began with the Art Hotel Milano, on the banks of the Bisenzio, in the historic centre of Prato. Then, with the construction of the Art Museo Hotel, located opposite the internationally acclaimed “Luigi Pecci” Centre for Contemporary Art, the Art Hotel Group became the leader in hospitality in Prato.

The art of hospitality in Prato.

This is the proposal of the Art Hotel Group that wants to be the meeting point between hospitality and land, art and culture, dynamism and entrepreneurship of Prato.

Art Hotel Museo

Via della Repubblica, 289, 59100 Prato Italy
Phone : +39 0574 5787 / +39 0574 727841 Fax : +39 0574 578880

Email : info@arthotel-museo.it
Whatsapp : +39 392 444 0016
Wechat : +39 392 444 0016
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Art Hotel Milano

Via Tiziano ,15, 59100 Prato Italy
Phone : +39 0574 23371 Fax : +39 0574 27706

Email : info@arthotel-milano.it
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